My eyes will be drawn by the beauty of the Lord. By the power of the Lord, my eyes will be healed.   The Lord is compassionate in the mystery. He will not withhold what cannot be taken. His sovereign will is always done. His Kingdom will come. [Grave clothes will crumble— all my [...]

Good Friday

Good Friday

It is Good Friday and the sun is still hidden It is Good Friday and the world is still groaning Today we remember the death of a carpenter from Nazareth and the people he loved so dearly The ones he held by the hand, spoke tenderly to, said “Come with me— all else is Hades” [...]

“Coffee Date” or “Where I’ll be Next Year” or “It’s February- Part Two”

                 It’s 5am, Valentine’s Eve, 2014— and I am clear-eyed awake. I’ve been getting up at 6:30am in lazy pain most days, so this is surprising. I beg my brain to go back to sleep for awhile, but it soon becomes clear that’s not going to happen. The [...]

“Why Snail Mail?” or “Love is in the Mail” or “It’s February- Part One”

Ours is an age in which we have the ability to communicate with people hundreds and thousands of miles away- almost immediately. All we need is internet and a smart phone to connect with email or Facebook and send our thoughts halfway around the globe. I’m from Michigan and living in Alaska, so I definitely [...]

Death to Logic

                My logic has been dealt its death blow                you’ll find it in the morgue                covered with scratches of love,                pinned to the table with an arrow                                -some say was fired from the hippocampus                sunk costs have never been                more afloatAnd I’ve never been more bored with form.